Sqool for HBS

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SQL Accelerator

6 weeks • Remote • Cohort-based Course

SQL is a superpower. We’ll help you master it in just 6 weeks.

Whether you want to break into tech, level up your skills, or get results faster, we'll teach you all the SQL you need to do your job better. You’ll be answering your own data questions in no time.


Karim El-Hajj Sr. Manager, Data & Analytics at Sonder


Elaine Wang Data Product Manager at Sonder

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Use the HBS promo code HBSEARLY and get $100 off!
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How it works

The best way to learn SQL is with a real-world project: you’re facing a question you care about, the data is messy, and you don’t know how to put it together. We designed this course to recreate that experience.

One live session per week Watch our lectures async and work on hands-on application in our live sessions, so you’re never wasting time. Live sessions are recorded so you can go at your own pace.
Real-world problems Work on real projects, with datasets that you care about. You’ll get to immediately translate your learnings to your work.
Unlimited access Sqool doesn’t have to end when the course ends. You’ll have lifelong access to all of our course materials as long as you need.
Learn with a cohort You’re not alone. Lean into a community of peers via Slack for support and accountability, and get 1:1 support from our expert team.

Your instructors

We were once in your shoes. We didn't know SQL and wanted to make an impact at a startup, and we had to stitch together dozens of resources to learn SQL. We ended up leading the Data & Analytics team — and we taught hundreds of people how to use SQL. We've seen first-hand how SQL can dramatically change your career. Sqool is what we wish we had when we were starting out.


Co-Founder • HBS '23

I started my career as a Financial Analyst (and employee #12!) at Sonder and quickly became the right hand to our co-founders. During Series B, I realized I needed to up-level my data skills to help us raise a successful round. I spent weeknights teaching myself SQL and used it to build an analysis that was the highlight of our pitch. After seeing the impact I could have with SQL, I launched Data & Analytics, led fundraising prep that raised $560M+, and managed a team of analysts. I’m now getting my MBA at Harvard Business School, focusing on how to scale mission-driven companies.


Co-Founder • MIT '23

A few years ago, I had never used SQL, let alone worked with data. I joined Sonder and was instantly drawn to SQL as a way to make an impact. Since then, I helped launch and lead the Data & Analytics team, building reports and tools to drive key decisions. I was most recently a Product Manager at Sonder, leading our data strategy and roadmap for data products. I’m now in the Master in City Planning program at MIT, focusing on how to solve city problems with data.


What does Sqool stand for?

SQL + School = Sqool

What is SQL?

SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a language that lets you interact with your database. Most tech companies store their data in SQL-based databases. Using SQL, you can work with your data to uncover new insights and drive business decisions.

Why should I learn SQL?

After learning SQL, you'll be more self-sufficient with data to uncover insights, make data-driven decisions, and double your impact at work. Don't just take it from us. Check out this tweet from Fareed Mosavat, former Product leader at Slack and Instacart👇

Who is this course recommended for?

There are no programming skills required to join— if you’ve never used SQL or only tweak queries, this course is still for you. This course will empower you with a working knowledge of SQL, from basic querying to using SQL to solve real-world problems. You’ll end this course confidently writing your own queries from scratch (e.g. joins, “with tables”, window functions).

We recommend this course if:

  • You interact with data in your job and want to get more hands-on
  • You want to double your impact and get promoted
  • You rely on others for data and want to become more self-sufficient
  • You want to be more data-driven to better understand your business
  • You want to up-level your skills in an increasingly data-centered job market
Who is this course not recommended for?

This course is not recommended if you already have a working knowledge of SQL (e.g. are writing complex queries from scratch). If you’re not sure if the course is a good fit, contact hello@joinsqool.com to discuss.

Can I expense Sqool to my company?

Some companies may reimburse employees for this course. Check with your manager or HR department on your company's education or professional development budgets.

Example pitch

We also have a pre-written email to help you pitch Sqool to your manager. Contact hello@joinsqool.com if you're interested in getting a copy.

What is your refund policy?

We offer 100% refunds until the course starts.

I have additional questions

We’re here to answer any questions that you have! Reach out to us at hello@joinsqool.com.