LinkedIn Certification

You just completed an intensive course in SQL—it’s time to celebrate! Showcasing Sqool on your LinkedIn is a great way to highlight your skills, demonstrate that you love learning, and help Sqool alums connect with you.

How to add Sqool to your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile page
  2. Click “Add a Section” (found under your name and photo on your profile page)
  3. Under "Background", select “Licenses and Certifications”
  4. Complete the form using the info listed below (see screenshot for a completed example):
    1. Name: SQL for Tech Operators
    2. Issuing Organization: Sqool (see the screenshot to make sure you're selecting the right Sqool 🍎)
    3. Click “Credential does not expire”
    4. Issue date: Enter the month and year you graduated the program (e.g. July 2021)
    5. Expiration date: Leave blank
    6. Credential ID: Leave blank
    7. Credential URL: www.joinsqool.com
  5. Hit “Save” and you’re done! ✨

Here's what the certification will look like on your profile:


Have questions? Slack us on #tech-support. Or email us at hello@joinsqool.com ✌️